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CM1012 / CM1024

10A 12V or 12V/24V Auto PWM Solar Charge Controller

Product performance:
Product features

1. Intuitionistic LED indicators show the current system battery capacity, charging and discharging state of the battery.

2. Having the protection functions as overcharging, over discharging, overload, short-circuit and reversed connection.

3. Tandem type PWM charging makes the charging efficiency increase by 3% to 6%, compared with non-PWM charging.

4. The parameters of charging and discharging have been set during the production (special parameters need to be told in advance), so no need to adjust the parameters.

5. USB charging function (optional).

technical parameter
Rated current10A
Rated voltage12V
Float charging voltage13.7V
Low voltage protection10.7V
Low voltage reconnecting12.6V
charging (Discharging) circuit voltage drop Hoisting voltage<0.2V(<0.15V) 14.4V (lasting time:10min)
Overloading and short circuit protection 1.25 times than rated current, protect the load within 60 seconds. 2.5 times or over, starting the short circuit protection
no load loss12 mA (not including USB)
Charging modePWM
Environmental temperature-20℃~50℃
Temperature compensation-4mv/℃/2V(hoisting, floating charging compensation)
installing holesΦ3.5—55mm*122mm
installing cables diameter16mm2

Application situation
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