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New 10A 20A 12V/24V PWM Solar Charge Controller

Product performance:
Product features

1. The controller use a MCU as the controlling core, so charging and discharging control strategy is more intelligent, charge and discharge control voltage more accurate, with battery low-voltage, over voltage, load over-current, short-circuit and other protective functions. 

2. The controller use a red-green LED lamp to indicate the load state and load fault, There are four green LED to indicate the battery SOC and charging state.

3. The controller have one load control button, It can be used to turn on or turn off the load and the USB power.

4. The controller use 3 step charging controlling, It can improve the battery charging full and to extend the service life of the battery.

5. The controller with one USB power port (optional function).

technical parameter
Rated Current10A / 15A / 20A
Rated Voltage12V/24V Auto
Solar Input50V
Float Voltage13.8V/27.6V
Absorption Voltage14.4V/28.8V
Charge/Discharge Voltage Drop≤0.3V/≤0.2V
Over Current Protect1.25 times , 10S
No Load Loss16mA
USB Power5V/1A Max(optional)
Charging Mode3 step, PWM charge
Specification of CableAWG 5# (6mm2)
Working Temperature-20~50
Storage Temperature-30~70
Humidity≤90%, no condensation
Mounting Hole150mm×64mm --Φ5

Application situation
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