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10W/17V Poly Solar Panel; 7AH/12V Lead-Acid Battery; 3W/12V LED Bulbs

Product performance:
Product features

●This product is made with novel charging control algorithm which could exploit solar energy more effectively. Battery panel will charge the storage battery into saturation and elongate the lifetime of storage battery.

●This product has a built-in high-efficient white LED light with four scales brightness for adjustment in order to meet various illumination demands of users. This LED light is driven by switch-type constant current source, and bears the properties of high conversion efficiency, low heat and constant current in different voltages, which can increase the lifetime of LED light.

●USB power source is a DC/DC switch power source with high output current, high conversion efficiency and low heat. 

●This product is equipped with perfect protections, can prevent re-flux of storage battery, low-voltage protection and over-current protection among others.

technical parameter



Charging Port

Input Port

1×DC   socketinner cord diameter 2.0mm, inner cord is   positive polar

Output Port


Input Current


Input Power


Storage   Battery

Battery Type

AGM   batteryvalve-controlled closed lead-acid storage   battery)

Rated Capacity


Rated Voltage


Standby Loss

≤9mA(DC   port and USB power are on)

Charging   Control

3   stages PWM manner

Charging   indicator

1×green   LED indicator

DC   Output

DC   Output Port

2×DC   sockets(inner cord diameter 2.0mminner   cord is positive

Maximum   output current of each port is 1A

USB   Power Source

2×USB power source output ports, the total   maximum output current is 1A

Output   Protection

low voltage protection, over-current   protection, automatic cut off under super-low voltage

Output   Control

1×button   with red back-light

Output   Indicator

Back-light   indicates output status

Front   Light of Main Unit

Light   Source Type

LED   light source, white light, color temperature 6000K

Rated   Power

3W,switch   power source mode with constant current source

Light   Adjustment


Front   Light Control

Controlled   by LIGHT button, IR remote control(optional accessory and functions)

Volume   of Main Unit


Weight   of Main Unit


Work Temperature


Work   Humidity

095%,non condensed fog

Application situation
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